Using a Custom Competition to Drive Brand Advocacy, Engage Customers, and Drive New Customers to Trial.

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The Brief

With winter approaching, much of Australia in lockdown at the height of Covid, and homecooks experimenting more than ever before, Vegeta wanted to drive first time trial use amongst new customers.

The Insight

Amongst existing fans and customers, Vegeta’s well known stock products were a winter favourite – we had to activate our fans and customers to spread the word.

Key Results

Over 6 million impressions on Vegeta social channels

130% increase in social followers

Almost 10 thousand competition actions

Our Solution

A leaderboard style competition supported by the right media mix.

We created a consumer competition that used social media functions to help drum up audience engagement by incentivising our fans and rewarding them for taking social actions that would achieve Vegeta’s objectives.

Based on the difficulty of the engagement or behaviour that we asked our fans to do, they were able to accumulate points in the competition – the more points you accumulated, the higher your chance of winning.

A competition microsite was built following 3 principles:

Motivate our Audience

Build a prize pack that appeals to our Fans - a Vegeta Hamper stocked with all the kitchen essentials.

Enable Ease of Entry

Drive audience engagement with Vegeta by using our brand codes and creating a series of simple prompts and instructions for our fans to follow.

Trigger Behaviour

Ensure that we can continue to incentivise our audience by driving repeatable actions with further rewards.

We drove users to the competition page through a Vegeta’s social channels – delivering more than 6 million impressions and 59% increase in Vegeta’s website visits year-on-year.

The competition was highly effective in generating earned media through our audience’s social channels and helped to bring in a huge amount of new followers to the brand, as well as driving an increase in social engagements such as comments, saves, and shares.

The Results
Organic increase in Website Sessions
16 %
Increase in Social Followers
100 %
New followers
Increase in profile visits for Instagram
777 %
New emails collected
Bonus actions from competition
“The team at Murmur have great media insight, they have helped us create an engaging & educational online Vegeta campaign. A key component to the campaign was the use of a multi-channel social media competition. This led to a very positive result increasing our website & social media traffic in a short period of time”.

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