We’re an agency of curious thinkers who
push the boundaries and deliver innovative
marketing solutions.

We make it easy for brands to connect with their consumers because we invest in the relationship with the brands.

Murmur was created by two marketing professionals based in London that wanted to do things differently.

Today, we hold true to doing things differently. Unlike other agencies, we allow brands to unleash their inner rebel by forming personal relationships and building trust, always underpinned by performance. Seamlessly integrating strategy, creative and media.

Our Values

We value all relationships. Acting always with compassion, integrity & honesty.

Ambitious, innovative problem solvers & learners at heart. Asking the why & how to achieve better results.

We share knowledge, offer support & work towards common goals.

We take ownership, accountability & action ideas in everything we do.

We work hard, play hard & always remain true to who we are.

Meet the team

Anja Cherry

Digital Marketing Executive


Likes: Live music gigs, Doggos, Tequila, Playing pool, Spin classes, Classical music, A book you can't put down
Dislikes: People overtaking me on my bike, Wasting food, When I imminently kill my herbs ... again, That I have zero musical ability

Corey Middleton

Senior Media Manager


Concise speakers, Fast walkers, Challenges, Surfing & Diving , Whisky, 1920's Wealth

Slow Walkers, Shopping Centres, Littering, Closed Mindedness , Spinach, Falling off a good wave

Dave Levett

Managing Director


Tunes, Floral shirts, Maroon Kauai cap, Big Wave Pacific Ale, Wedding dance floors

Blocks of text, Slow drivers, Soft pork crackling, When thongs / pluggers unplug, Unappreciation of Wes Anderson

Ella Walburn

Account Manager


Beach, Music, Podcasts, Chilli margs, Any Mexican food, Seafood

Mint chocolate, Pepsi/Coke, Cold weather, Uber surge pricing, People cracking their knuckles

Isabel Stojanovska

Graphic Designer


Likes: Summer evenings , Hummus, Breakfast buffets, Beach dips, Hikes, Strawberries , Fresh sheets , Disco beats, Aperol spritz 
Dislikes: Parallel parking, Burnt toast, Loud chewing, Birds, Coriander, Slow walkers, Comic Sans, Food envy, Make it ‘pop’

Nick Volfneuk

Performance Media Executive


Likes: Curiosity, kindness and humility, Cerebral films/docos/books, Philosophy lectures, Video because it killed the radio star, Interesting business cases/news
Dislikes: Radio, Ego, Eggs, Unsubstantiated claims, Politics

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