Using Google Tag Manager to Accurately Record and Respond to The Digital Activity of a Consumer in Response to an Ad

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Project Overview

After more than 2 years of COVID-19 related disruptions to the A-League season, Sydney Football Club’s main challenge was to entice fans back into the stadiums, especially as the new Sydney Football Stadium newly opened.  


Google Tag Manager

The Challenge

Enticing Fans Back to the Stadium

To encourage fans back into the stadiums we designed a new landing page which houses stadium information and prompts fans to proceed to a membership purchase. Sydney FC ensured that their return to the Sydney Football Stadium is as impactful on their membership numbers as it will be on the future of the club.

Sydney FC wanted to ensure that this web page was equipped with all the tools to receive live data that would enable them to record and report information as well as make crucial decisions based on accurate data in the future.

The Brief

Change for Sydney FC

Sydney FC are in the process of moving back into the newly developed Sydney Football Stadium ahead of the next A-League season.

To capitalise on the momentous occasion, Sydney FC designed a new landing page to promote their new home and offer flexible membership packages based on consumer preferences.

In order for paid media to work effectively we needed;

  • number of tags
  • events and,
  • triggers.

These tools ensure that the performance of paid media channels can be tracked by subsequent activity on a landing page, in addition to other KPI’s.

The Solution

How did we achieve results?

Our Solution was to use Google Tag Manager.

This tool is a one stop shop for all tags, triggers and events. The platform gave us full control over all events on the site and how they’re recorded in media platforms like Google Ads and Facebook.

As part of our solution:

  • We set up events that tracked key consumer activities like scrolls and button clicks.
  • We established tracking from key media platforms like Facebook and Google Ads.
  • We set up key conversion actions to measure the value of key conversion actions including page views, initiated checkouts or membership purchases.

The Insight

Considering Clients Objective

When adding tags to a site, it is important to consider client goals and objectives.

For example, if a key feature of the landing page is a membership purchase link, then adding tags that track clicks to this button is essential.

In Sydney FC’s case, the site houses a revolutionary tool that provides the perfect membership package based on a customer’s wants and needs.

For Sydney FC, it was really important to see how consumers were engaging with this tool so we made sure to track clicks on this button and link it back to activity across all channels in order to see what media channels may or may not be prompting the use of this membership tool.

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