Building Brand Awareness &
Brand Preference for Opticomm

The Brief

Starting From Scratch

Opticomm is one of Australia’s most trusted independent wholesale access broadband providers that currently connects Fibre, and/or 4G to individuals who currently don’t have any broadband connection.

As Opticomm began to build out a postcode-led rollout throughout Australia, they needed to dramatically raise local awareness of the connectivity now being made available.

Beginning with over 25,000 premises in the South Brisbane exchange area, our campaign objectives were to:

1. Grow unique page visits to a campaign landing page.

2. Generate address checks from the South Brisbane area and,

3. Convert & connect those consumers that wanted faster broadband.

Our Solution

Leveraging the Strategy of Omnichannel

Our solution was to drive a highly localised omnichannel campaign through various media channels to establish and then build brand awareness to our niche geographic audience. This was achieved through targeted placements and high-impact spots.

1.  Conducted prior brand research and marketing – We isolated the 5 x key areas in South Brisbane and broke down the demographics to identify not only the population, but more importantly – the dwellings, and dwelling type.

2.  A mix of low CPM media (display) with premium high-impact media (catch-up TV) – To ensure that we reached the total audience enough to reach a minimum effective frequency.

Our Solution Continued

3.  Major Guerrilla Marketing – We implemented sponsored coffee cups that were distributed to local cafes and ran walking billboards during heaving community weekend markets with flyers to further target our primary audience.

4.  Out-of-Home Media – Leveraging media through medical centres, and roadside billboards would increase brand recall and also drive a higher Mobile click-through rate increased by up to 15% when supported by OOH media.

5.  Direct mail – 70% of the residential population were renting their household, so we developed a series of Direct Mail pieces with instructions for their landlords on how to connect the property to Opticomm.

6.  Digital media strategy – Our digital strategy involved highly targeted programmatic activity which included Instagram and Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads as well as Google Ads.  

7.  Collaboration and negotiation with communities – Via local Facebook community groups, where we were able to engage with the local residents on a personal and targeted basis.

The Results

Record Breaking Results

The campaign was highly effective in achieving our objectives of increasing uptake within Velocity Estates and demonstrating that ‘non-connected’ customers join the Velocity network. 

With 600,000 people reached approximately 23 times on average in target geo, brand recall for Opticomm is assumed to be achieved for almost the entire South Brisbane population. There were 5,913 unique address checks directly from the campaign between July & September.

The Results

Across all channels we achieved a total of:

5 m
520 +K
Average CPM
Impressions Above Target for Above the Line media
40 %
CTR to Opticomm Website for Programmatic
210 %
Page Views for Programmatic Display
700 %
Coffee cups distributed
25 K
Walking Billboards
10 HRS
Flyers handed out

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