How Liquidity developed a unique brand identity

Project Overview
Liquidity is a startup that allows homeowners to quickly and efficiently access the trapped equity in their homes, without having to sell or take out a traditional mortgage.
Services we delivered
The Challenge
To develop a unique and modern brand identity for Liquidity that would further position them as industry leaders within the Property Technology Space.
Our Solution

Unique brand identity

Murmur crafted a unique brand identity for Liquidity that was bold and confident. Allowing them to stand out as an up-and-coming Financial Technology Startup.

The ‘key’ design was inspired by Liquidity’s core value, ‘unlocking a greater potential’. To bring this to life, we developed a custom typeface to create a unique ascender for the letter q. We paired this with clean typography and a refined colour palette, giving an overall look and feel that felt sleek, refreshing and modern while bringing out the playful yet professional essence of the brand.