Benefits of Using a Single Marketing Agency

Why it’s Beneficial to Use a Single Agency for Paid Media, SEO & Strategy?


In the past, it was a daunting task to find a digital marketing agency in Australia (or any part of the world) that could cater to all the requirements of a brand and deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy that included execution. 

Befriending a Marketing Agency

Typically, agencies specialised in specific areas and focused solely on their area of expertise. However, with the evolution of the digital & media marketing landscape, it is now possible to have all your media marketing needs, including social media, paid ads, SEO, TV/Radio, and content, met by a single agency.

Engaging an Agency who are experts in Media, SEO & Strategy, you can avoid conflicting messages and maintain consistency in your brand messaging across organic and paid results. This approach helps to capture more sales opportunities and attract high-quality leads that convert. 

Additionally, working with a single agency ensures that the marketers are aligned with your company’s goals and make decisions that align with your interests instead of their own.

Communication like you’ve never seen before

Communication between all departments is crucial for success in media marketing. This is why having all teams under the same roof (in our case the same office) promotes better communication and enhances collaboration, leading to the most efficient use of your marketing budget and maximum return on investment. When these teams work together, they can identify the best routes to conversion, ultimately leading to a revenue increase.

There is something incredibly seamless about being able to swivel your chair around and speak to the Media team, SEO team or Strategy department about how your account is performing.

Speed To Market & Speed To Change 

An integrated marketing plan that begins with a strategic roadmap encompassing Media across all landscapes (online & offline) as well as SEO and organic analysis is essential for a company to thrive in a competitive digital landscape. 

But when you engage multiple partners, even the simplest of updates or changes means hours of back and forths, checks, dropbox and drive access and approvals, which let’s be honest, is not in the best interest of a campaign that needs to be agile and nimble in today’s ever-changing environment.

One advantage we have, which no other Agency does, is an attitude that does not compromise on the quality of people we employ and nurture. We ensure our strategic, media, account management and SEO teams are leaders in their field and that’s why at Murmur we typically partner with clients who require a one-stop-media-shop that employs industry experts.

Reach out to our team and discover the benefits of housing all your media requirements under the one roof and experience the Murmur difference!

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