TikTok Starter Pack

Back in February 2020, there were 1.6 million Australians using TikTok.

Since then, global download figures for the app have skyrocketed with downloads of 115.2 million for the month of March 2020 alone.

For most brands, TikTok has probably been pushed across their desk two or three times by now and was likely met with opposition due to the young and highly female demographic present on the platform. However, now might be the time to revisit the conversation around TikTok’s place in your media mix.

The thing that makes this wave of growth so significant for brands is that new users are not the same as their early adopter counterparts.

  • There were 3x the number of new users aged 18+ signing up in April 2020 versus 2019
  • 17% of users are people in their 40’s who have been signed up by their children
  • Between January and April 2020, the portion of users 25-34 grew by 5% and 35-44 grew by 3.2%

In Australia right now, competition for advertisers on TikTok is low and there is a real opportunity for innovative brands to step out and make their mark on the TikTok community. However, between influencer activity, native video, brand takeovers (where up to 5 million daily impressions are guaranteed), and branded hashtags there is a lot to understand and choose between on the platform.

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