Murmur Closes the Year with 2023 Employee Awards

Teamwork and collaboration is critical to our success at Murmur, and as the year winds down it’s important to recognise the fantastic work that our people have done throughout the year. One of the ways we recognise our people is through our ‘Employee of the Year’, and ‘Players’ Player’ annual awards.

Every month, every staff member has to vote for 3 of their colleagues who showcased exemplary work, and lived the Murmur values. The activity is known internally as “3,2,1s” – with 3 being the highest vote they can award to an individual and 1 being the lowest.

A staff member can win in either one or both of the two categories:

  • Employee of the Month: the total number of votes (sum of “3,2,1” value) and/or
  • Players’ Player: the most number of nominations per month (ie: an employee voted by 4 other members – regardless of value).

These points are eventually added up at the end of each quarter to determine the award winners for the quarter, and then ultimately – the year.

This year we’ve wrapped our “3,2,1s” and are proud to announce our…

  • 2023 Employee of the Year: Chastine Lino
    • “Chastine joined Murmur at the end of 2022, and this year has really stepped up into a leadership position at Murmur. She’s shown great initiative in producing training videos, work hacks, and process tips not only to her team – but to the entire agency. Chastine’s biggest talent is producing work that hasn’t been asked for – but that she’s identified as useful and helpful for others. She’s a superstar.”
  • 2023 Players Player: Taz Papoulias
    • “Taz has shown throughout the year a huge amount of support across all the teams, bridging our strategy and client service teams with our digital and performance teams. This is why I love the “Players Player” award because ultimately as an Agency – and as a team – you need people working together, and it’s just as important to recognise people like Taz, who help teams work together.”

Murmur Group’s Managing Director, Dave Levett shares his thoughts in this year’s awarding:

“It was a hard fought battle this year with ultimately only 1x point splitting Chastine and Taz from both awards! Cha took out our “Employee of the Year” award by 1 point, and there was only 1 x point splitting Taz from Cha for the “Players Player” award. I can’t stress highly enough how proud I am of all the work these two have contributed over the year, Murmur wouldn’t be where it is without the massive effort and contribution that both Chastine and Taz have brought in 2023, and I look forward to seeing how both continue to grow in 2024.

I also want to highlight the fantastic work done by Gelo Arboleda, who joined Murmur in May, and subsequently won our Employee of the Month award in 4 of his first 5 months – a huge achievement.”

At Murmur, we want to create a space to nurture positive feedback and well-deserved praise and acknowledgement. Here are some of the touching feedback given to the team by their colleagues.