What I Love About Google Chrome.

Surfing the internet whether for work or play has become increasingly easier over the past few years.  Where there used to be one or two web browsers you would consider using, we now have numerous choices each offering different advantages.

Google Chrome Web Browser

Web Browser Usage History

As far back as 2012 when Chrome was first widely acknowledged as the leading web browser I stood true to Firefox and resisted temptation to switch browsers.  Only when I entered the Mac ecosystem was my loyalty to Firefox truly questioned and I moved onto Safari.  However, with the ever-widening gap between Chrome and other browsers the time had come to dip my toe in the water and see what the differences really are. 

After using Chrome for a mere few weeks, here are two immediate differences and advantages I have picked up which have transformed how I use my internet browser.

1. Application Library

The applications that you can find using Chrome are vast and highly useful!  Whether it be organising day to day tasks, or creating infographics, I’m able to quickly and easily find the pages I want to get to.  All this, with it kept neatly in the browser.

Chrome also has the added benefit of being able to keep the Chrome App Launcher in my dock on my Macbook, I don’t have to waste time switching from one open application to my web browser.

2. Sync With Multiple Devices

The main benefit I have found with using Chrome is the ability to sync my devices across the web browsers.  Coming home on the Tube stuck what to make for dinner, I searched the net and stumbled on a recipe I liked.

I went on my way to the supermarket, opened my browser, and bought the ingredients.  Once I got home, I turned on the iPad and pulled up my chrome browser, in front of me was the web page I was looking at on my mobile 5 minutes ago.

Having my devices synced and updated has saved me time between devices opening browsers, searching for things I had previously, and also providing a quick reference to jog the memory and history of past search previously.


The burgeoning popularity of Chrome is hard to ignore, with it’s current upward trend, it could surpass 50% of the browser market by the end of this year.  The other browsers are sure to respond with advanced features and strategies to combat Chrome’s growth, but what those will be is anyone’s guess.