Creating a compelling flyer is one of the earliest and most affordable forms of direct marketing that many in the arts will complete, but having a clear message hierarchy in your design and messaging is one of the most important points to consider when creating a flyer to really engage with your audience.

The message hierarchy determines what message(s) you want your audience to take away from your direct marketing and prioritises these in your design.

We have previously written about what to consider when writing a creative brief, and as part of that process, ensure you are considering how the following points are represented in your message hierarchy:


1. Consistency

By maintaining the same branding across all pieces of your comms, from your website, your merchandise, and your flyers, you are maximising the affinity your audience has with your brand.


2. Who is represented?

Ensure that who you are, is represented clearly on the communications. This is potentially the first interaction that someone has with your brand.


3. What is it?

No matter what type of arts you are promoting, make sure that the discipline you are promoting is communicated either through creative design or messaging.  Just as some people who see your flyer won’t know who you are, they similarly won’t know what you do.


4. Dates

Many leaflets are used for promoting an event, and one of the most important things when promoting an event is when and where your show is.  On some recent examples I’ve seen, the date and time that the show is on, is in the smallest text and font.


5. Call To Action

As a piece of ‘direct marketing’, you are wanting to elicit response from your collateral and by providing a clear call to action of where to do that will ensure you get a higher response rate.   There is also an opportunity for you to highlight your social media channels, or website information where people can go to find out more.


6. Price

Pricing is great to include, and can be especially helpful for your audience if you have a structure in place, such as advance or early bird tickets.  By offering an early bird price for pre-purchased tickets, you are locking your audience away, and giving you an early forecast of the audience numbers for your show.


7. Tracking

All marketing should be tested, and providing an offer code where your audience can take the flyer away and enter a code that is specific to your flyer for a  specific offer will give you an indication about whether a piece of collateral worked well.  For additional testing, you could change your offer codes dependant upon where the flyers are distributed.


8. Credibility

If you have any endorsements or testimonials from fans or recognised persons, by including these as part of your creative you’re able to highlight the reviews that you have gained from previous performances, and add weight to your proposition that people should come and see you.


If you are creating flyers for promotion of an event or show and need help with your message hierarchy and design of the flyer, feel free to speak to us, we’ll be glad to help.