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Tactics without strategy, is the noise before defeat – The Art of War

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Audience Research

A good segmentation of your audience requires stringent qualitative and quantitative insight.

We will highlight a number of key markets to hone your focus, and ensure we position your brand correctly.

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Customer Segmentation

We segment your audience based on attitudes & behaviours as it leads to more actionable messages and media.

A true audience segmentation will avoid cannibalisation, and encourage synergies between audiences to occur.

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Targeting & Positioning

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Which segment(s) are we going to go after, what is their market value, what’s our current market share, who are we competing against?

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Objectives, Goals, & Tactics

We’ll identify your customer funnel and ensure that you understand where customers may be dropping off in their purchase journey allowing us to make decisive choices in where we target.

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Measuring Brand Equity

Understanding your Brand’s attitudinal perceptions over time, and measuring movement over time for metrics that aren’t correlated directly with Purchase data. 

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What to expect with Murmur

Qualitative &/or Quantitative Data

Complete Market Segmentation

Messages & Claims For Your Audience

S.M.A.R.T Objectives

Tactics After Strategy.  Not Before.

Ongoing Brand Equity Measurement

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