Vegeta were seeking to position themselves as category leaders in quality, versatile & economic choice in powder stock.

The Challenge

How could we educate new and current customers to use powder based stocks when liquid stocks were heavily entrenched in home cooking?

Our Solution

We discovered that home cooks relish the ‘moments’ when they  discover a new taste or sensation in their cooking, and so we sought to inspire consumers with the “Vegeta moments” that you can enjoy when you cook with our quality and versatile stock products.

The Visual Treatments developed included the use of high quality and personalised imagery from TRIBE heroing the Vegeta products, to show how easy it is to use in everyday home cooking and how meals can help bring people together for a shared food experience. We paired this with a Vegeta logo and paint swatch lock up to further emphasise the ‘Vegeta Moments’ campaign name.

Through our Facebook & Instagram campaigns, we were driving people to various parts of the website, to test and learn which areas of the content were resonating best. A 1st-party data base of over 27,000 people was captured for Vegeta – a difficult task for FMCG brands who are usually purchased in supermarkets.

Through targeting different age groups, we were able to gain valuable insights & learnings into how different demographics are interacting with the brand. Furthermore, we tested a variety of creative with different messaging, to constantly position Vegeta at the front of mind in a variety of formats, learning which was resonating best with audiences.

We also worked with TRIBE to develop a range of Content for the client to be used throughout their Advertising and Socials. Running an influencer campaign with TRIBE, we were able to reach new audiences who were aligned with our target market.

Our Channels

Influencer Partnerships

Facebook Advertising

Instagram Advertising

The campaign was a huge success, driving over

Brand Recall
Increase % of Social Sessions

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