Sonic Clinical Services is the primary care division of Sonic Healthcare, one of the world’s largest diagnostic companies. Sonic Clinical Services operate over 170 IPN Medical Centres across Australia, providing quality, ethical, community-based healthcare services.

The Challenge

Through research we found that most people only go to the doctor when they’re actually feeling sick. They don’t go for regular check ups because of the amount of time it takes. 

Going to the doctors can seem a like a bit of a ‘drag’ but what patients are not realising, is that it could be costing them in the long run for not going to regular check ups. 

The challenge was to create a creative campaign to help encourage IPN patients to visit the doctor more often, to address any ongoing issues and prevent any health concerns.

Our Solution

We implemented a campaign to show patients the implications associated with not addressing health concerns. We achieved this by putting the idea of ‘time’ on show, focusing on the time taken away for not treating Asthma symptoms within the early stages. Emphasising how easily this could be prevented by taking up a short Asthma check up with a doctor.

The crayon-like sketch gives the impression a child has created the picture, showcasing a person in a hospital holding onto a puffer. The illustration focuses on the implications of not treating Asthma early on.

A number of digital banners were produced to run campaign ads across Facebook for a two month period. As well as an in-house poster for use across IPN medical centres.

Our Channels

Display Advertising

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Print Advertising

The campaign was a huge success, driving over

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